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What do you like about a guy I Wants Private Sex

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What do you like about a guy

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I am 6'0 180lbs attractive and make a decent living.

Age: 26
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Am Look For A Man
City: Newark, NJ
Hair:Dishevelled waves
Relation Type: Married Looking For Chat

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Sign up or wbat in to share. Women do NOT know what what do you like about a guy want, and asking them is pointless. Now, examine what "YoungLovely" said turns her on the most: Asking them is a waste.

I dunno, I just love men! I love how your voice liks deep, how that spot between your shoulder and your arm the "nook" as I like to call it feels like it was made just for us to lay our heads on.

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I love how men can be tall and strong and so childish at the same time. Just love it! All guys are different. So I'll tell you what I love about my toyota manly, so these things may not apply to all guys. He gjy snap me like a twig, but treats me like a glass doll.

It makes me feel small and delicate. Even beautiful not that I felt ugly before - just plain. He changed.

I love it when abuot puts his arms around me. How his shoulder makes the perfect pillow. He he kisses me when we haven't seen each other in a.

His smell and how it lingers on me after I hug love datings. That little grin he gets.

Those deep soulful eyes. Even the way he tickles me because he knows all the spots to get me. Those moments when he suprises me or does something sweet. Too many things to count. But they are nice to have: Guys first off smell great what do you like about a guy of the time, they have that man smell.

What do you like about a guy

It's all chemical. They have nice big shoulders that make them look like they can lift stuff, even if they can't lol.

When they get that mischievious look in their eyes. They can have such a different perspective from women, and a real sense of adventure and risk taking.

I need a guy to make me feel warm, safe, protected, special, beautiful, and all those things I never thought I could be. I need a guy to bring out the best in me, and influences me to be a yuo person. I like guys to be smart, funny, sensitive but masculine at the same time.

What do you like about a guy

I need someone to call me "theirs" and to keep me safe and protected. With the right guy, I can't keep my hands off what do you like about a guy them, they are just so amazing to me, their skin, their hair, theyre muscles, the way they are bigger and stronger than me, but gentle towards me. The way that they can be so strong, but so lke to snuggle.

They smell amazing. My hand seems to fit perfectly in theirs. Kissing is a major thing, its gotta feel amazing.

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Basically, the right guy is the other half of me. Boys are different, I like difference. Besides girls annoy me, since I'm a girl and What do you like about a guy know how we can be, with a boy you may not know what to expect which is exciting and what do you like about a guy make you feel alive I have ghy weird theory in my defense.

If a boy can surprise me he has a huge shot with me. I also like the way guys walk, talk, and if they have confidence it's a major plus.

I also like that boys have looking for Bozeman Montana bbw or chubby ability to vo more often than women. Also boys are different anatomically which sparks my curiosity. I need a guy because the right guy And hopefully I can make him feel happy, smart and hot all over: First of all, I never need a guy.

I WANT one. What I've always liked are bad boys.

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I love the confidence they have! I love the smell of perfume I love watching what do you like about a guy play volleyball or something of the sort, being naked from the waist up. I love them being And being hot.

Thank you for the honest answer, finally someone who knows what she wants. Not saying a thing and looking for the opposite. Give us great hugs, are protective, passionate about something, good smell, confidence, laid-back attitude, smart, likes reading, when you play with kids its ADORABLE, big hands, smile.

I feel better about certain situations when a guy is present. Guy's Behavior.

What do you like in a guy?

What you like in guy? What makes you attracted to them? Like, why I like girls: But why the hell you need a guy? Share Facebook.

What do you like about a guy I Want Swinger Couples

What do you like in guy? Add Opinion.

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