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Submissive husband slave

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HEAVY CUMMERS A BIG PLUS(let her know in your response if you are), able to perform in a room with other submissive husband slave strtaight), not afraid of a mess(if you can't deal with sloppy seconds this is not for you). Hi, mail me : Shorty' cuttie' amusing' clever' sensitive' i like dogs ,hang out'have pleasurehelping, I enjoy the sea,nature, submissive husband slave, soave. 18 m in daytona waiting for a bigger girl. To know you read this, tell me how long it's been since you last fucked in the subject line (i. Also, I want to mention I am not opposed to a situation that could develop as more adult sex place Celle friends but this isn't my goal at the outset as I do enjoy cutesy things like holding hands,etc.

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Wednesday, September 4, Watching. Hi. It has been a while since I have been here, mostly because Mistress K.

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All is well in our little slice of heaven even though our FLM has waned a little bit. The kinds of things that have kept us busy have been a direct imposition submissive husband slave our ability to practice our lifestyle.

Again, all is. We chalk it up to the expected ebbs and flows of life.

Submissive husband slave I Searching Couples

That said, unexpectedly this morning, Mistress K. She was naked and had just finished putting on submissive husband slave makeup and was on her way to the closet to dress for the office.

She led me to the edge of the soave, had me stand and lean over to rest on the bed. Then she lowered my shorts and disappeared into the closet, emerging with submssive twin tale leather paddle.

I was not in trouble so was confused as submissivs the reason submissive husband slave my impending paddling. She sat perpendicular to my head on the bed and began to paddle away. I did not notice that she has also retrieved her wand vibrator until I heard it manlius NY horney women after submissive husband slave paddling had begun.

It was soft paddling but nonetheless, the edges of that damn paddle always leave a super sting even with the lightest swings. At first I was not allowed to watch her masturbate with the vibrator while she continued to paddle my bare.

Female Led Marriage, Femdom Marriage, Wife Led Marriage, Domestic Discipline, Spanked Husband, Loving Female Authority. What does it mean to be a submissive wife? Does it mean that you are a slave to your husband's every whim? Or does it mean something more?. Watch Amateur Wife with Submissive Husband Slave and Happy to Eat Pussy on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home.

Then she informed that I was allowed to watch her and she set paddle on the small of my back so she could use both hands submissive husband slave. I submissive husband slave required not to move a muscle while she submissive husband slave love to women looking sex Richland South Carolina wand.

Slowly then faster she was building toward an orgasm and I was reminded of just how incredibly sexy this woman is. When she neared her orgasm, she paused for a moment in order to redden my bottom even more, then replace the paddle on the small of my back.

She focused her attention back to her pending orgasm and required that I watch. I have talked in the past about being able to actually orgasm from merely watching her have sexual pleasure, leading to an orgasm I didn't cum nor was I remotely even allowed to while watching her, but boy did I want to.

I can't even begin to tell how hot it is to witness Mistress K. That was an hour ago submissive husband slave she has since left for the office.

I have been rock hard. Submissive husband slave asked her if I cold stroke in the shower and have husbqnd least a ruined orgasm and she said no.

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submissive husband slave She did instruct me to edge The combination of the sight of submissive husband slave receiving sexual pleasure, the infrequent recent opportunities for us to participate in our favorite FLM activities recently, and being slaev from participating with her was just so fucking hot.

The thoughts that are now running through my mind Posted by sub hub in phx at 8: Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Thursday, March 7, "I slvae to be taken". Those words come of Mistress K's mouth every so. Mistress K.

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She is married to the man of her dreams me of which she has husbane submissive husband slave utter control. Submissive husband slave is able to enjoy sex and orgasms at her pace and at her pleasure and continues to find joy in controlling all aspects of my sex, including of course my orgasms. Mostly though, once Mistress is sexually satisfied with her orgasms, she will simply tell me to clean things up around the bed and put away the toys, or the lube, or whatever She loves it and so do I.

I relish in the frustration of remaining rock hard and horny as I drift off escort service lansing sleep, but mostly I love the constant sexual that remains after we have sex.

Much preferred over the malaise and apathy that overcomes me after I have had an submissive husband slave. Of course, as I have written about in still looking69 sexey man past, the downside to being kept chaste and shbmissive having many orgasms is that I cannot last long enough to give Mistress K the good, hard, long fucking she occasionally desires when she is in a "I want to be taken" mood.

Of course that creates a dilemma. My submissive husband slave post was about Mistress K wanting and getting a good, long, hard fucking with the help of our trusty cock sleeve we call submissive husband slave. Truth be told, even though pinky is quite thick think wearing 10 condoms all at submissive husband slaveI am still very capable of building up and being on the edge of an orgasm. Which is not at all favorable for Mistress K. I know, it's crazy, what kind of a hair submissivf does this guy have, anyway?

What to do you ask? Well, some time ago we purchase a hollow dildo that is thick enough to absolutely prevent any stimulation to me, while she is getting everything she wants and can handle.

I am at home sick today, and in anticipation submissive husband slave "taking" Mistress K. Here it is: Posted by sub hub in phx at Monday, February 25, Unexpected bliss.

Something unexpected and unexplainable happened. Yesterday SundayI was sleeping on the couch watching golf.

Mistress was feeling submissive husband slave and came over to me xlave started to spoon me. She was sheepish, demure The submissive husband slave part was us being alone for an hour without the possibility of being interrupted. While she spooning me, she was grinding her hips against my bottom and we were in the perfect position for me to explain to her that I wished tendrils fuck in camp was wearing her strap on, and that her rubber cock was inside of me.

To my surprise, Mistress immediately and enthusiastically said submissive husband slave go". I giggled because I submissive husband slave certain she was kidding and teasing, but she assured me she wasn't.

The "unexplained" part was me declining her offer because I had been working in the garage all day and I was exceedingly not clean enough to accept her cock. I would be horrified if Mistress's memory of pegging me, of fucking me, included any degree of yuckiness She agreed but then "asked" me if wanted to be inside her?

I hesitated, again, because I wasn't as clean I know she likes me to be. It didn't matter Fucked good. Fucked hard and fucked long. After some cajoling, I rose from the couch and held out my hand to help her to her feet.

We went into the bedroom and she immediately became naked and got into bed. I went into the bathroom to take a "whore's bath" to get as clean as I submissive husband slave, then immediately went into the closet to put on "pinkie" our pink cock sleeve. The reason for the cock sleeve was to ensure that Mistress would get the kind of fucking I knew she was craving at that submissive husband slave. Of course the sleeve makes my cock submissive husband slave and wider, but more importantly it allows me to fuck submissive husband slave basically as long as she wants without the usual worry of me approaching the edge of orgasm sooner than she is ready for the action to stop.

I fucked her good and she loved every minute of it. Just like this: Posted by sub hub in phx at 7: Monday, December 17, Simple Discoveries. Greetings. Happy Holidays to each of you. I hope the season finds you happy and in the company busty bad girl people that you love. This past Saturday, Mistress K. The kids were at places with friends and there was free ecards merry christmas risk of an impromptu return from any of.

I was busy performing handyman duties around the house when Mistress was walking by. Nothing big, nothing unusual for that matter I spent a minute or so just holding her, kissing her belly, thanking her for owning me and for being my Mistress. We were both clothed and although it was not a sexual moment, it did cause submissive husband slave cock to sir and become hard read Sometimes I get hard from the sheer joy of being loved by this woman and for the opportunity to worship submissive husband slave It was a about 10 minutes later that she local hookup apps iphone by again and simply said "follow me".

Submissive husband slave

I followed her into the submissive husband slave where she had her vanity chair pulled into the middle of the room. I was tenderly ordered to strip naked and sit backward on the chair because she wanted to give me a maintenance spanking.

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I was out of my shorts no underwear and t shirt in a nano second and took husvand position on the chair as submissive husband slave.

The below picture clearly it is not me was the position I was instructed hot grand rapids moms take, while Mistress went to the closet to get her leather paddle.

Saturday, December 1, "The Book". Hello my friends Long time no see. It has been 6 months since my last submissive husband slave and I can't even explain why it has been that long. That said I apologize for ghosting. Like I said, I can't even explain why.