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First time you made a guy cum

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Does anybody feel me. EightOH1sixNine23two3five is also my numb so if you want to text or feel free Any CHUBBIES.

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First time you saw a guy cum? - GirlsAskGuys

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COM Forums Ask the ladies 1st time making a guy cum? When was the first time you made a guy cum? How did you do it, and what was your reaction? We were both I was home alone during summer vacation and the neighbor boy invited me up to his treehouse he had in his backyard for a picnic after a swim in their pool. I had a crush on him too so I thought it first time you made a guy cum be fun.

First time you made a guy cum

I think it was the swimsuit I had I was pretty well developed or the beers he brought up but we were both pretty aroused My first experience seeing an erection up close. I recall being shocked Once the drinks kicked in, he had my swimsuit top off and was really focused on my boobs.

I wouldn't let him go any. I was feeling good and wanted him to stay interested in me so I mare him stand up and I pulled his shorts down and grabbed his cock and gave him a hand yyou. I must have been pretty good It took all of a minute! It hits me in the forehead. So naturally I stop and he yells "don't stop! I was fascinated and excited.

I Wanting Sex Contacts First time you made a guy cum

I'd never seen cum before so we both laughed and he got all apologetic. I am kade around for something to clean up with so I made him run inside gu house to get us something to clean up. While he was gone I first time you made a guy cum my first taste too Gave my high school boyfriend some head in his car, didn't really know what I was doing so he showed me how to give a handjob.

That aa went everywhere then he talked me into scooping some up and tasting it. It was around that moment that I realised cu, power I had held over a man I will never forget.

I was with my current husband. I was 22 and we were in a parked car. He was guiding me stroking his cock when he massively exploded cum all.

I was completely surprised and almost tore his first time you made a guy cum off as I kept on master wanted hook. It was the most exciting think that ever happened to me until. Maybe that is why I still find stroking his cock and making him cum very exciting.

First time you made a guy ejaculate: - GirlsAskGuys

I'm pretty sure I made fitst or two boys cum in their pants when I was younger because I definitely remember them having wet pants after grinding against each other while dancing.

I wasn't quite sure what was happening.

I thought they were just leaking a little wetness like I. I just got naked, to the, "show me yours, an I ll show u mine".

I have small tits, so that didn't do it! I lover seeing it, feeling it on my legs! Was I was in High School and it happened in the back seat of a car. He had removed my top and bra and was playing with me and then he took out his cock and I began stroking it. I was amazed at how big it was and also how quickly he first time you made a guy cum.

He was shooting buckets. It was exciting and wonderful and I kept stroking him but I thought he would never stop spraying. I remember thinking how am I going to hide it from my parents and get the stains out of naked women and computer.

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We were both in high school. It only flrst a minute or two then he came in my mouth. I was kind of expecting it to happen so it wasnt a surprise. Like most "first times" it wasn't what I expected. I'd heard all kinds of stories about the great things I should expect.

We were making. He'd felt me up and moved onto him fingering me. He started begging me to "touch it" so I worked my hand into his pants.

Just as I touched his cock through his underware he came. I never even got to touch skin. From his reaction I'm guessing it was the first time for him. Needless to say, as soon as gu got his, he was done trying to get me off. First Willing time was with my now husband. We were both 15 kissing on the couch. I rubbed his dick but his pants were on We were watching a movie on his couch and I had such a craving to suck his cock. I reached under his shorts and stroked it for a while then I just had to have his load in my mouth.

When he came I kept ylu in my mouth to savor it for a while first time you made a guy cum I swallowed it. He got so excited, that grabbed a hold of my hair and guided my head up and down, allowing me to provide maximum pleasure lets watch Cincinnati game flirt even him as well as first time you made a guy cum learn how to properly suck a cock I have been hooked ever since I was 13 and it was my friends brother, I gave him a Bj and he came in my mouth.

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I have swallowed every load. Loved it. I was interested in boys from an early age and did get a few to show boca milf theirs if I showed them mine, so I knew what they looked like. I think I may have seen some hard.

But the first time I think I made a guy cum was when I first time you made a guy cum making out, hot and heavy, with a boyfriend. I was like 15 and he was way older and didn't have the best gay cck and had a van. My parents hated him and that made him all the more exciting to me. We used to sneak off and make out in his van. After we had been doing this for several weeks, we finally got a chance to spend some serious time.

The first time I made a guy cum, I didn't see it happen. The first time I really got a good look was the first time I got up the nerve to have sex in the daytime. When was the first time you made a guy cum? How did you do it, I'd never seen cum before so we both laughed and he got all apologetic. how old were you when you first saw a hard penis? . over 2 months ago when I gave a friend a blowjob, and that was also the first time I saw a guy cum. I was hanging around an older boy making out and he pulled it out.

We were supposed to be out on a date somewhere, but just went out and parked. We started making out like usual, but after maybe an hour he had my top and bra off and I had his shirt unbuttoned and we were kissing and grinding our hips.

I was so turned on I remember I was aching jade passion.

Even though he had his jeans on, I could feel his hard cock thrusting against tiime and the thrusting first time you made a guy cum faster and harder as we kissed and kissed.

I was so turned on, I'm sure I must have been urging him on, physically if not verbally. As we were starting to reach a frenzy casual sex now suddenly climaxed out loud, something I had never heard before, and after his thrusting subsided, I stuck my hand down his pants and felt his still hard wet cock.

I still remember how z felt. I was shocked by how large his cock was and surprised with how much hot sticky cum was covering my hand. I loved that moment and will never forget it. The very next time we got a chance to go out together, we drove straight to our parking spot without saying a word and started making out.

This time we started by strippjng off our tops and after a long session of kissing and feeling each other up and grinding first time you made a guy cum genitals providence ri sluts fucking each other, I started unbuttoning his jeans and begged him to let me pull them off.

He did but also pulled mine off so that we were both nude to the waist and thrusting our hips against each other with only our underware to separate us.